Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is my burden

Current Bloodsugar: 87

Today's Prompt: “Friends & Family Friday” – As the holidays approach, social events and family gatherings are bound to occur. If you could say anything, what would you tell your loved ones about your diabetes?

Ah...the holidays...I love spending time with my family at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have so many wonderful memories of the holidays with family.  The last few years holidays have presented a new challenge for me.  One that involves actually thinking and worrying about the food I eat and what will be available, how will my blood sugars behave, etc...etc...

I hate having that extra stress, it often overshadows what I enjoy so much about the holidays.  This just means I have to work a little harder to remind myself what this time of year is really about and to try and not let the diabetes get in the way of enjoying that time.

If I could say anything to my loved ones about my diabetes (and I imagine I am at this moment since many of them read this blog) I would say....

Please take the time to understand what it truly means to live with diabetes.  Be well informed of this disease and my lifestyle. Accept my choices.  Accept my decisions about what is best for my body and my health.  Ask questions.  But, please, please do not worry about me.  Although I may ask you from time to time to help me along this journey, living a life with diabetes is my burden to carry and I do not wish for you to carry it too. 

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  1. Good post! I never even thought of all the things that would be hard for you to eat. Thanks for the reminder.