Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Back

Current Blood sugar: 139...this is the exact number I woke up with this morning.  Not the best fasting number...but I corrected, ate breakfast and rode my bike trainer for 30 minutes and this is the end result.  I wish it were a little lower since this number after exercise usually means it will creep up over the next few hours.

Today's Prompt: Daylight Savings – Daylight Savings ended today, so you got an extra hour of sleep! Some people will need to adjust their insulin pump clocks, others may simply change the clocks on their wall. Does an hour change affect your diabetes management?

This morning I woke up and the clock read 8am...perfect time for me to wake up on a Sunday morning...except this morning it was actually 7am.  I have to admit it was nice to have an extra hour in the morning to get stuff done.  Now I sit typing this at 11:44 and I have already eaten breakfast, exercised, gone to the drugstore, made sugar-free brownies, showered and gotten dressed for a chili cook-off hubby and I are heading to this afternoon.  Whew, early morning starts make the day so much longer!

As far as daylight savings time and my diabetes management....I would have to say it has very little impact.  I woke up this morning and changed the time on my pump.  That was the extent of what I had to do.  I have seen no adverse affects from not adjusting any other aspects of my management.  Thank goodness for one thing I don't have to think about.

Managing diabetes is so time consuming.  Everything I do revolves around managing my diabetes.  Day light savings time is a great example.  Who would ever think that for some folks with diabetes a simple time change could have such an impact on a chronic illness?  A percentage of every hour of every day requires some sort of thought process on my part, when it comes to managing my disease.  Albeit these times don't always interfere with other aspects of my life.  Setting back the clock may give us an extra hour of sleep, for me its just another hour in another day of managing diabetes.

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