Monday, November 1, 2010

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

The purpose of Diabetes Awareness Month is to provide awareness and education about diabetes.  To honor Diabetes Awareness Month I am going to take a break from homesteading and farming posts and talk more about diabetes.  This month I will be posting everyday using prompts from the American Diabetes Association's "American Diabetes Month Blog 30 Days of Diabetes in November - and Beyond!"

Yes, I have committed to the challenge, I will be blogging EVERY DAY in November.  This will prove to be a challenge for me, but every day living with diabetes is a challenge and it is so important to educate folks on what living with this disease means. 

Each day I will write a post in response to the prompt.  At the beginning of the post, I will also list my current blood sugar and how that number will affect my day.  I got this idea from a fellow blogger over at Bitter Sweet.  I think it would be a great chance for you readers to see what my numbers are like...sometimes its like telling someone your weight, the good and the bad.   

Today's Prompt: Introduction – Tell us about yourself! Why did you decide to start a blog or share your blog with us?

Current Blood sugar: 122...not bad, but not as low as I would like considering its only 30 minutes until lunch time.  This is the kind of number I like to see.

So, most of you have read my blog for a while and know all about me.   But here is a short recap.  I am 30 years old living in central NC.  I was diagnosed with Type I in June of 2007....not even a year after I was married, bought a new house and started a new career as an Agriculture Teacher. 
After a year of teaching with diabetes I decided to take some time off from my stressful job to maintain my health.  Two years later, I am still officially unemployed but I have plenty of other "jobs" at home...I am a homemaker.  Hubby and I started growing our own food, raising chickens and bees, and I began making most of our food from scratch.  This was prompted by my diagnosis and our need to eat a healthier.  We were healthy folks before, but diabetes meant a whole new outlook on food.  I am very active in the agriculture community here in our town.  I also work part time as a mentor for high school students. 
I first started blogging because I was bored and needed an outlet for my thoughts.  I also wanted to let my friends and family in on some of the crazy things going on in our lives.  This turned into a desire to educate others about our lifestyle and how living simple and healthy was easy.  I have always hoped that one day my blog would cross over in the diabetes online community and stay within the homesteading online community, creating a link between this lifestyle and its benefits for managing diabetes.

So, that is a short introduction to me and my blog.  I hope that this month of blogging about diabetes will bring awareness to my peers and support to those of us living with diabetes. 


  1. So glad to get to know you a little bit better!!! :) And I'm thrilled to hear you'll be posting random daily blood sugars too, yay!

  2. Nice idea! I don't really know much about diabetes. I would like to know more.

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