Friday, November 19, 2010


Current Bloodsugar: 147 this is fasting in the morning, after battling highs all night.  I hate waking up to this number, it will throw off my whole day.

Today's Prompt: Holiday Survival – Here’s our guide to surviving the holidays (PDF). What’s your survival tip? Do you avoid carbs, fats, or family members? 

So apparently I thought yesterday was Friday and posted Friday's prompt today I will do Thursday's prompt.

What is my survival tip to managing the holidays?  Pack up your clothes, take the hubby, get a pet-sitter and go to the Carribean, or some other secluded warm location of your choice, for the entire month of December.  Tell the family you wont be able to make it to any gathering because you have previous commitments you just can't break.  Enjoy Christmas and New Years sitting on the beach in peace and quite.


Since I can't afford to do that and I do actually love my family...hmm...maybe a few of them could come along.  Hubby and I do really enjoy spending time with our families, we just prefer relaxing and not getting involved in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the stress that goes along with the months of Nov and Dec.  We get so frustrated from all of the pressure from our families to attend multiple gatherings and travel all over the state.  It makes it very hard for us to enjoy the holidays and the time we actually do get to spend with our family. 

So I guess my true holiday survival tip is to just suck it up, not take anything personally, and go with the flow.  To prepare myself for miserable blood sugars and crazy food choices and generally a lack of a routine that is such a pivotal part of my management.  Lean pretty heavily on my hubby for support during these frustrating times and try to be an advocate for what I need without burdening others with crazy demands.

Believe it or not I really do love the holidays and when all is said and done, there are some really enjoyable moments.  But sometimes what works best for me and hubby and makes a holiday relaxing and enjoyable, does not always fit into the vision our families have.  So keeping in mind what is truly important and sticking to making that happen is the path I have to take.

Disclaimer to any family members reading this prompt: Please do not take any of my rants and raves about the holidays personally.  Take this post as it is...that I have some genuine frustrations about gatherings in general and the problems I tend to face. 

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  1. Cute!!! Sometimes I feel like going to another place for the holidays too. lol