Monday, November 8, 2010

Mouthwatering Monday

Current Blood sugar: 43....well this is exactly current, but I thought I would share.  This was what I woke up to at 3am this morning.  43!!!  That is low and scary....good thing I woke up.  I guess I usually do and this is not the first 40 something I have seen in the middle of the night.  It doesn't happen often but it is scary every time!

Today's Prompt: “Mouthwatering Monday” – What’s your favorite entree? How does it affect your blood glucose?

Now this is my kind of prompt!  I love cooking and baking.  I especially love experimenting with recipes to make them diabetes friendly.  My absolute favorite entree?  It is awfully hard to choose since it all depends on what kind of mood I am in that day.  However, there is one entree that makes me happy every time it graces my lips....homemade chicken with mushroom Marsala sauce and garden fresh green beans sauteed with garlic and balsamic, a side salad and some homemade bread...yum!

Homemade pesto bread
 In case you didn't know, I am big on homemade stuff.  I make all of our bread, all of our meals at home are made from scratch with very few bottled or boxed ingredients and I even make homemade crackers when I have time!  Now this may sound like me bragging about all the wonderful things I make (are you jealous yet?) but I don't mean to sound that way.  I just love making things for myself and hubby.  I love fresh food from our garden.  I find that homemade food, when I know all of the ingredients, makes managing my blood sugar so much easier.

To answer the prompt question, the favorite meal I listed above has a very predictable affect on my blood sugar.  (Another reason why I love that dish!)  Since green beans are a low carbohydrate food and the Marsala sauce I make only has a few carbs too, this meal is overall low carb.  The homemade whole grain bread is only 15-20 grams of carbs per slice.  So adding it all up this is a hearty meal for usually less than 40 grams of carbs.  The lower carb a meal is, the more predicable my numbers will be afterward...and I love the moments of predictability, so few and far between.

My other favorite meal is homemade can read about it and see my recipes in my previous post Welcome Back Pizza

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  1. I can only imagine how you have to make sure every bite that you put in your mouth is good for you. You are a better woman than I am. lol. Maybe that's why I need to lose some weight.