Monday, November 29, 2010

Is there an app for that?

Current Bloodsugar: 135

So, I have been getting behind on my posts for 30 days of Diabetes.  Diabetes has been kicking my butt lately.  Lots of highs and lows and sleepless nights.  Hooray for the holidays.  So, I am going to wrap up the last two questions I have missed into one post!

Sometimes having diabetes means you have to carry a lot of supplies or organize different types of medications. Pockets, purses, glove compartments, hands – what do you use to be sure you’re prepared?
Aside from constantly having this pump attached and always having a meter handy I do have to carry lots of stuff around with me, wherever I go.  I was never a purse kinda girl, but now I have to have one to carry all of my "paraphernalia" around.  I have a bag with extra needles, test strips, lancet devices, batteries for my pump, pump tubing and insertion devices for my pump site.  I carry candy and snacks and medical ID cards.  I am like a bag lady of medical supplies.  But these things give me a piece of mind so I know that no matter where I am I am never far away from a fix. 

What’s the best diabetes gadget, phone app, book, or other tool you have?
Hands down, my most trusty diabetes gadgets are my pump and my blood glucose meter.  I could not live without my pump, I never want to go back to daily injections.  My blood glucose meter is often my sense of security and the bane of my existence all at the same time. 

I have read several books about diabetes, and although they tend to be helpful, diabetes is an individual disease.  We all have the same general challenges but how we deal with those challenges may differ from person to person. 

I am not a techie type person, I have a simple phone and generally don't get into all of the new technology.  I know how to use a computer and I could definitely get sucked into using a phone to run my life.  I know there are apps for carb counting and keeping track of your medications, health, and exercise.  But what I would really like is a cure so I don't have to do all of those things....Do you think there is an app for that?

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