Friday, November 12, 2010

Family and Friends Friday

Current Bloodsugar: 150....this is not bad...but frustrating after riding the bike trainer for 30 minutes, lifting weights, and dancing around the den like a madwoman to the songs of Rocky Horror Picture Show (I was watching the movie while I road my trainer...I know...I don' t have to tell me).  Now I am waiting for it to come down a little to eat lunch.

Today's Post: “Friends & Family Friday” – Who is your biggest support and how do they help you in managing your diabetes?

Awww...shucks...where to do I even begin with this one?  I have lots of folks in my life for who I am very grateful.  All of my family and friends are supportive.  So I guess the easiest way to do this is to just list some of those folks that really stand out, who go above and beyond to support me. 

Disclaimer: These are in no particular order, and there are many, many folks who I wont list on here, simply because I can't list everyone!  These are just a few of those special folks!   

1. My nephews G-man and Lil'D: G-man is only 9.  It may seem odd that I, a 30 year-old would tell you that some of my main supporters are children.  First of all, G-man is a wise soul.  He is compassionate, intelligent, and he questions everything.  He doesn't take things as the come, he wants to know the whole truth.  He asks questions about my diabetes, he listens to what I say, and he never forgets.  You know how 9 year olds are...they remember everything.  I don't have to dispel any myths with him, I don't have to explain the same thing over and over.  He doesn't question my choices or offer advice, he just gets that this is what I do and he accepts it.  Lil' D is only 5, too young to be burdened with the details of my disease.  But he knows about my pump and knows it gives me something my body cannot produce.  They both see me for who I am and not for the disease I have, and that my friends is what I call support. 

 2.  My parents, my brother, my sister, and my friends:  These folks have been there with me from the very beginning.  They worry about me (sometimes too much) and they care about my health.  They think of me when they plan meals.  Sometimes they are a shoulder to lean on or an advocate.  They love me and they are always there when I need them. I would not trade them for the world.
3.  My dog: We have two dogs and I love them both dearly.  Kyra has been by my side for the last 12 years, Waylon has been with us for 4.  Although Kyra will always be my one and only baby-girl, she is not one for cuddling.  Waylon loves to cuddle and he looks at you with soulful eyes.  I always feel comfort when I cuddle with that furball.  He likes to nuzzle against you.  He is very aware.  When we walk, he waits patiently as I stop to check my blood sugar, watching me.  He has even gotten to the point that he stops when I take out my meter, he knows it means a quick break.  When I find myself frustrated and annoyed about my blood sugar while walking, I look down and his blue eyes have such a peaceful look, I can't help but relax.  He offers a non-judgmental, unconditional support. 

4. My hubby: I am not even sure I can describe the support he gives me.  I was diagnosed with Type I during our first year of marriage.  Hubby married a laid back, easy going, active, biking, hiking, rock  climbing girl and then 8 months later was thrown into a spiral with an emotional and physical wreck of a wife.  It has taken 3 years to get back to some semblance of who I was before my diagnosis. 
 Three years to get it under control to where I feel like myself again.  Three years of shots and finger pricks, carb counting, food issues, data charts, and pumps to get to a point where I control my diabetes instead of diabetes controlling me.  It takes a strong man to deal with all of the crap we have been through in the last few years. 
There is no doubt that diabetes has changed a little bit of me and hubby still loves me all the same.  We have learned to deal with the loops and wrenches this disease throws us.  He has weathered that crazy storm.  I like to think we are stronger because of it all. 
Hubby offers the kind of support no others can.  He knows enough about my care to ask questions when they need to be asked and keep his mouth shut when they don't.  He walks the tight rope of emotions with me and always catches me when I fall.  He maintains the perfect balance between knowing enough to help and not helping too much.  He keeps me grounded and provides the perspective and strength that has allowed me to stay true to who I am, diabetes and all.


  1. What a sweet family you have! This was so sweet to read. I feel like I became even more aware of diabetes when I watched The Apprentice last season. Brett Michaels has it and so does his daughter. I'm sure you knew that. Or maybe not. Anyway, I'm sorry you have to endure it every day, but I'm glad you are beginning to feel back to yourself! Thanks for sharing this post.

    Oh, BTW, watch out for nouse. I think you have some in your garden.

  2. I have been reading your blog for some time now and this is one of my favorites ( My FAVORITEST being: Can you spoil a chicken). You are witty, insightful, and just plain awesome, both for your writing and your quest to inform people about diabetes. Personally, I am so glad to know more about diabetes. I used to feel like an idiot about it before your words took residence on this URL. :)

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the wonderful blog!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I am so glad I can share with so many folks. Kelley, I will be sure to be on the lookout! Can't wait till the next game!