Monday, March 19, 2012

Warmer Weather and Garden Planning

I don’t know about you, but I am glad Winter is almost over.  Every year around January and February, I find myself cuddled up on the couch most afternoons, wasting away my days due to sheer laziness and a touch of the cold weather blues.  Here in NC, March brings warmer temperatures and only a small threat of cold weather and this March has proved to be no different, and almost a rarity.

The last week and a half we have been blessed with sunny days and temperatures in the 70’s.  Now reaching towards the end of March, I have great hope that we will continue to see these warmer temps!  The yard is teaming with excitement.  The bees are venturing from their hive, seeking out new sources of nectar.  The chickens holler (yes they fuss!) to be let out every morning, for they know the warm weather brings the bugs out of hiding!  For me, March also brings a multitude of plans for the garden. 

Around here, mid-April is planting time, so the end of March marks the start of the garden season.  This weekend I took advantage of the warm weather to spend some time in the garden.  It was quite obvious that the weeds had taken great advantage of our warmer weather too.  I spent a few hours weeding the garden and exposing the rich soil beneath.  There is nothing that compares to getting your hands dirty after a long winter spell. 

I welcome the warm weather and the mood lifter it brings.  I only hope it remains this way and that the early warm weather is not a forecast to the type of summer we can expect.  This week we will be planting potatoes and in a few weeks we will plant the rest of our seeds (beans, cucumbers, squashes, basil) and some seedlings (tomatoes).  I cannot wait until the summer harvest starts pouring in!  Of course, ask me that again in July and August when I am up to my elbow in veggies and my kitchen is filled with hot steam from the canner!