Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanks Diabetes

Current Bloodsugar: 116...this was after battling highs all afternoon and evening yesterday, only to wake up to a 41..yes I am happy to have a 116 this morning.

Today's Prompt: Being Thankful – It’s almost Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? Has diabetes helped you realize your appreciation for anything?

Dear Diabetes,

There are very few things you have done for me that are worthy of thanks.  Sure there is the fact I know more about how my body works and responds to food, that's kinda nice.  Oh yea,h and there is the whole, "reason to exercise on a daily basis" thing.  You have given me a new outlook and appreciation of life and health.  Of course I can't forget the times that you have behaved and allowed me to be "normal".  But I have way more than that for which to thank you.

Thank you...thank you for ruining yet another wonderful evening with friends.  Thank you for being so out of control yesterday that hubby and I had to leave a gathering early.  Thank you for reminding me that it is too much for me to ask, to have two consecutive nights of fun with friends and music and no d-related issues.  I forgot my place and should have remembered that I am only allotted one fun evening at a time without diabetes turmoil.  I promise it wont happen again.  Thank you, diabetes for reminding me that just when I think everything is under control, you kick my legs out from underneath and wrench me away from my life.  Thank you for knocking me down a few pegs, I am sure I needed.  Thank you, diabetes for not only bringing me down but bringing my hubby with me.  Thank you diabetes for reminding me that I can never forget about you for one tiny second.  I am tired of you interfering with my life.

I think it is time we ended this relationship.  I think it is far time for us to break up.  Even though no matter what I do, you will keep calling and showing up at my doorstep...begging for attention.  I guess I have to give it another shot (no pun intended).  Thank you, I can't imagine the amount of fun I would have without you.


P.S.  Oh yeah, one little thing....I HATE YOU!

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  1. Awww Melissa, that was so heart felt. I could feel just how frustrating it is for you. I'm so sorry you have diabetes.