Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrity Status

Today's Prompt: Diabetes Celebrities – From rock stars like Bret Michaels to professional athletes like Jay Cutler, people with diabetes are showing how diabetes has not stopped them. Who’s your favorite diabetes celebrity?

Current Blood Sugar: Right now it is too soon to check since I just ate dinner, but at 4:00pm it was 236 and dropped to 74 by 5:30.  I had been having site trouble the last two days so my numbers were pretty high.  I changed the site about 4:30 and corrected, exercised a little and had a drastic drop.

So today's prompt is about celebrities.  There are several celebrities with Diabetes...did you know that Mary Tyler Moore is diabetic?  Bret Michaels?  Tony Bennett?  Nick Jonas?

I have always considered the definition of a celebrity as someone who is famous for something they have done.  They are well known and (mostly) well respected by society.  But when it comes to the diabetes community, I define celebrity quite differently.  I define a diabetes celebrity as someone who is dedicated to the cause.  He/she is proactive and supportive of others with diabetes and families of those with diabetes.  A diabetes celebrity is dedicated to their health and to helping others follow healthy diabetes lifestyles.  He/she understands, shares and accepts.  Diabetes celebrities are famous for their strength to live every day meeting the challenges diabetes brings.

So, who is my favorite diabetes celebrity?  My favorite diabetes celebrity is every person with diabetes, every parent, spouse, sibling and child...every family member, co-worker, and friend.  Every person who musters the strength to live every day with diabetes (or loves someone who does) is a celebrity in my eyes.

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  1. Couldn't pick just one? lol. I agree though, they all should be our favorites.