Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mini-Vacations and Fish Tales

This past weekend Hubby and I went to Cape Hatteras for a few days.  We stayed in a quaint little hotel which sat directly on the beach.  It was a much needed mini-vacation for both of us.  This will be the last chance we get to go away for the summer since vacation season (i.e. summer) brings for us loads of work in the garden and the kitchen.  So we like to take advantage of the cooler temps and better fishing and take our vacations in Spring and Fall. 

We spent some time on the beach while Hubby surf fished and I relaxed and read my book.  We also kayaked some on the sound side of the island.  Hubby did some night fishing on the beach and caught a huge Red Drum.  The biggest fish he has ever caught and one of record breaking stature.  Unfortunately for him, he did not take my advice to bring the camera along on his fishing jaunt and he didn't even have his phone.  I mean, these days, who doesn't have their phone?  Plus, being that it was pitch black on the beach and around 11:30pm there were no witnesses (I was snug in bed!).  Anyway, so he now has a tale of fishing legend that might as well be a tall tale since he has no documentation.  And, although I am not a fishing guru or a fellow fisherman, or the guy running the local tackle shop, I believe his story and well, shouldn't that be enough?  

Anyway, here are some pictures of our trip.  It was quite a success as the weather was nice, the food was good, there were fishing adventures to be had and no one got sunburned!  

The view from our room

 Climbing Hatteras Lighthouse

View from Hatteras Lighthouse

 Climbing down Hatteras Lighthouse

 My view most of the weekend (Book: In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith part of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series)


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