Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  We were lucky enough this year to ring in the New Year with my brother and sister at their annual New Year's Eve Party.  Good times were had by all!  My brother and I have always been close and I am so grateful for that....even more grateful that he married an amazing woman who I like to consider the sister I never had!  Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff...the point is we had a great time and I am so glad I got to spend the first hours of the new year with family and great friends.

I have really enjoyed reading the New Year's Resolutions of fellow bloggers and friends.  Unfortunately, I have never been very good at resolutions.  I don't like to make resolutions for things that I really need to get done (i.e. lose the extra weight I gained since my back injury last summer) because the pressure of a resolution often makes me doubt my ability and get frustrated with myself.  I like to look at things I have to get done as a necessity, no choice in the matter, it's easier that way for me.  However, there are new things I would like to learn and some things I would like to do. 

I have not always been very crafty.  Lately, I have been perusing a lot of crafty bloggers' sites and I have craft envy!  I would like to learn a little more about some crafts, maybe pick up a few and try and perfect them.  I am working on cross-stitch now and have been learning some new sewing techniques.  Winter is often a slow time for me, so I figure crafts may keep my mind busy. 

I would also like to spend more time with friends.  I would like to get back into yoga in the evenings to relax and read a little more.

I want to maintain control over my diabetes and continue to stay as healthy as possible.  I want to stop worrying so much about insurance and money.  I want to quite my diabetic mind at least an hour a day (that's the part of my mind that never stops worrying and thinking about my diabetes).

I want this year to be a great year full of great things.  I want new traditions and exciting adventures.

What grand adventures are you pursuing in 2011? 


  1. I find resolutions tough to keep too - like you said, it's too much pressure. And I think after one little slip up, it's too easy to just say "I broke my resolution" and give up. I'm doing small goals each week instead.

    I love your list of new things to try and do in 2011. Here is to all of the great things and great adventures 2011 will bring you!! :)