Friday, January 21, 2011

Caught in the Act

You may remember when I posted this picture a while back...
 Look closely, that's the back end of our German Shepard Kyra, hunting for eggs in the main chicken house.  How she manages to get her old body in that little hole is beyond me.  She knows good and well she is not allowed in there, and she will only attempt this when she is very sure you are not looking.  (No kidding, I have actually watched her from the house and she looks both ways and up towards the house before sneaking into the chicken pen!)  
Since then, we have takin' to keeping the pen door closed with just enough space for the chickens, so Kyra is no longer able to get into the chicken house.

Well, this is what I caught with my camera yesterday...
This is our "chicken tractor", essentially our retirement home for our two older hens.  And yes, that is Kyra, inside the tractor.  Again I am amazed, she is a nimble old girl!

You can see Bandit out in front.  Our older hens don't really lay anymore, so I am sure there are very few times where there are eggs in that house, but Krya likes to check it out anyway.

And this is when she realized I was watching her (she can't hear worth a flip anymore, so she didn't hear me walk up).  
" What mom?  I was not in the chicken tractor, I swear!" 


  1. I've wondered if we get chickens (which I think we're going to do, only maybe not right away) how our dog would do with them. I hadn't thought about him trying to steal their eggs!


  2. Yeah, our other dog isn't so bold to steal eggs. Kyra is a strange gal anyway, she is too smart for her own good. She knows good and well those eggs are not for her!