Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When sharing a bath, expect no privacy!

For those of you who may not know, chickens love to take "dust baths".  It is an essential part of their well being, helping to keep their skin healthy and bug-free.  Not so good for your flower beds though!  

Our gals like to take their "baths" along the side of the garage in the blueberry bed.  That spot is warm year round since it gets lots of sun and the soil is nice and loose.  Today is a really nice winter day in our neck of the woods (about 50 degrees and sunny), so the gals are taking advantage of the nice day to take a little bath....

Chicken's have no modesty...those girls were taking a bath...right out in the open...for God and everyone to see!  And apparently the Americana gal is quite the "tub-hogger".  Sharing the space with her greedy friend seems to be getting this Buff gal in a huff!  

Not only everyone else wants to see what going on in the bathroom.  The poor girls even get stepped on at one point by another Buff!  I tell you...lesson learned...if you are going to share a bath, expect no privacy!

Not to mention that moments later, this entire bath-time shin-dig was rudely interrupted by a curious and slightly jealous pup!

On another note, Hubby asked me yesterday what was tearing up all the grass in the yard....
I have no idea ;-)


  1. I did not know this! (But I've never been around chickens before lol)

    I love animals though and these videos were really fun to watch :) I'm going to show them to my husband, he is a country boy who misses his farm animals hehe

  2. The chickens are a lot of fun, I really enjoy their antics! Glad you enjoyed the videos!