Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Apron

Lately I have been wanting to branch out from odd and end sewing projects to making clothes...not the easiest task since I do lack a certain patience required for that kind of sewing.  Yet, my desire to make something cute and functional has become stronger and then I happened upon some awesome fabric on sale ($1 per yard) and $0.99 patterns at my local fabric store!  Isn't just darling?

 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make this apron.  This is the first apron I have made and I am so excited with the turnout!  Don't you think this would be perfect for the summer canning season?

Can you see the darling writing on this fabric?  "Watermelon, seeds, vegetables...etc)!

 I almost hate to even wear it in the kitchen!  Are you making anything great for the Spring?


  1. It's SO pretty and I can understand why you might want to keep it out of the kitchen! I don't make things but am so impressed and inspired by those that do! lol

  2. Fabulous apron, and yes, I believe it will be perfect for canning. Where did you buy the fabric?


  3. Oh my gosh, that is so cute!!! If you can make that, you can definitely make other clothes too. Maybe an easy A-line skirt next??