Monday, March 28, 2011

Touring with the Rye Mountain Boys

This weekend I went on tour with Hubby's bluegrass band, the Rye Mountain Boys.  We traveled up to the beautiful state of West Virginia this past Friday.  The drive was absolutely gorgeous and made me long for rolling hills and an old farmhouse of my own.  The "Boys" played at a quaint little coffee house/restaurant/bar called the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV.  There was a good crowd and those boys put on a good show. 

We rolled out early on Saturday morning, after eating a great breakfast at a cute little eatery called Flying Pigs and headed over to Frostburg, Maryland.  Frostburg is a small college town in the mountains.  The views were beautiful and the air was cold!  Brrrr!  We spent the afternoon resting up and hanging out in some of the local establishments. 

Saturday night the Rye Mountain Boys played at the Frostburg Palace Theatre.  They opened for Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice.  A well known traditonal bluegrass band, and some down right nice guys.  The show was amazing.  The Rye Mountain Boys won the hearts of the crowd with their traditional bluegrass tunes and waltzes, while Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice tore it up with some fast paced traditional and original bluegrass music.  Of course I am partial and will tell you that the Rye Mountain Boys were the beaus of that bluegrass ball! 

We headed out early Sunday morning for the long drive home.  Hubby thinks we should buy land in the middle of the WV mountains, he figures he would make a good hillbilly.  I guess it's in his blood :-)

One of my friends asked if I was a roadie, a groupie, or a Yoko.  My response was this....I carried a fiddle so I guess that makes me a roadie....I went home with the fiddle player so I guess that makes me a groupie....but alas...I am married to that fiddle player so maybe that makes me a Yoko?  But no worries Rye Mountain Boys, I wont get in the way! 

Wanna hear how great the Rye Mountain Boys sound?  Check out the music on their website.... ...and stay tuned...videos from this weekend are coming soon!


  1. Whooeee! That sounds like a great time. Wish I could've gone with you! As roadie only, though!


  2. Wow! That sounds like fun! The "Boys" sound good too!!!! Come on over to KY and we will show you all a good time here too!

  3. OMG Melissa! The Rye Mountain Boys are REALLY REALLY good! I'm not kidding! I grew up next to the shenandoah valley and have always loved this kind of music. I'm sending the link off to my dad and brother (my 12 year old brother is an electric guitarist who is currently playing a lot of blues) and I know they'll love this band. Great quality and sound. What instrument does your hubby play?

  4. Hey Melissa, Nice writeup! Since yall enjoyed the WV mountains so much. you and Brian need to come up to the Hale farm for the annual "ramp feed" just outside Cass sometime. Its normally the last weekend in April.