Friday, March 11, 2011

Honey Collecting Princess Nymph

I just learned an interesting factoid about my name.  I have always known that my name "Melissa" means "honey or bee" but I guess I had not thought about the connection lately.  My parent's would have never guessed that the sweet honeybee of a baby (that was me in case you were wondering) they named Melissa would have lived up to her name!

I was reading about what my name meant for no reason in particular, I was just bored and I came across the following story about the origin of my name..

Melissa was a Cretan princess who discovered honey and taught the uses for honey.  Some stories say she then turned into a bee herself.  She was often referred to in Greek Mythology as a nymph.  She was a nurse to Zeus but instead of feeding the babe milk, she fed him honey.  It has also been said that the bees brought the honey straight to the babe's mouth.  

It is believed that because of this that all of the nymphs who cared for Zeus as a babe were referred to as Melissai.  It is also believed that this is the origin of the honeybee scientific name....Mellifera.

So considering that tomorrow I will be up to my bonnet in honeybees while Hubby and I work the hive and later this summer I suspect I will be up to my elbows in honey, I would have to say that my parents picked the perfect name!

Anyone need a honey collecting princess nymph?  I know where you can find one!

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  1. My nickname growing up was "Missy" even though I'm not a Melissa. Still, I looked up the meaning, and always thought myself to be sweet. Ha!

    Let me know when the honey's ready ...