Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Bag

Its a rainy Spring day here.  Even though rain doesn't often inspire Spring-like projects it has kept me from my usual outside projects, so sewing seemed to be the right choice to keep me busy.   I started working on this bag last week and haven't had a free day to finish it, so thanks to the rain, I have finally completed my Spring Bag!  

The best part about this bag is that I got the fabric from the Scrap Exchange.  The beautiful flower patterned fabric was $2 for 2 yards!  I used another blue fabric from the Scrap Exchange to line the inside.  I only had to purchase the hardware.  So this bag cost me less than $8 to make!  What a bargain!

 I can't wait to use it!  Happy Easter!


  1. I love that fabric--I can't believe you got it at the Scrap Exchange. Great bag!