Monday, May 9, 2011

When you lose your best friend....

Today I had to make the most difficult choice I have ever made.  Kyra, our 13 year old Shepard, my precious baby girl, the pup who has been by my side since she was 12 weeks old, will leave me tomorrow.  

Over the last week she has developed a painful infection.  Treatment options are limited to surgery.  At her age, surgery would be a stressful and unpleasant event.  So, we have had to make the difficult decision of putting her to sleep to end her pain and suffering.  

Kyra was my first pup that was my dog, and my dog alone.  She has spent many hours at my side.  Sleeping at the foot of my bed, waiting at the door when I returned home, riding around in the car with me.  When we were both younger, she went to the coffee shop and friend's houses, we spent hours at the park and afternoons hiking.  She was my companion.  Through friends, boyfriends, roommates, Kyra was always there.  

She is a special girl.  When I met my hubby, our second date was walking our dogs.  Kyra and Sampson (hubby's dog) became fast friends.  Over the last few years her roles have changed.  We no longer venture to the coffee shop together, but she established her new role as herder and watcher of the chickens.  Until recently she would spend hours patrolling the yard and keep the vermin out of the garden.  She has truly been a wonderful dog during all stages of my life and hers.  She is my crazy and neuriotic shepard, she is sweet as pie and I love her dearly.  

My heart breaks to think of life without my baby girl, but I know it is time to let her go.  Hubby and I are taking tonight to say goodbye and we will take her to the vet tomorrow.  Kyra will always have special place in my heart and my memories.  She will always be my one and only baby girl. 

 Kyra at 13 weeks, with "Octopi"

 Kyra at a few months baby girl!

 Backpacking at Shining Rock, she is about 2-3 years here.

 With her best bud Chorney, at our duplex when I was in college.

 About 9 years old here, our first year in our current house

 With Waylon when he was a wee-little one

 Last years egg stealing shenanigans

 Last Fall.  I love those ears and that smile.


  1. i remember when you first got her and brought her by the house in browtown she was an awesome dog and will be greatly missed


  2. I know exactly what you are going through and there is no other feeling quite like it. Surround yourself with other dogs for the next little while. They know what you need. Buttercup and I were like one person for 14 years, from the time she was a mere 6 weeks old. I had to put her to sleep back in November. The minutes, hours, and days after that felt like an eternity. It has been 7 months now and Peanut has helped me to float. Every day gets a little easier, but not a day goes by when I don't miss her little ways. There will only be one Kyra for you, but like there will only be one Buttercup for me, but you will learn to love again. She had the best life with you and you are absolutely doing the right thing...because of that love. We will get together soon when you are able sweetie.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. We've been there before, with both dogs and cats. It is such a painful decision, but you know what's best for her. Hugs.

  4. Oh, I hate to hear this! I know this can be really painful for you. You will be in our prayers. I'm so sorry.

  5. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. I appreciate all of the support, it definitely helps.

  6. I am so sad for your loss. You are definitely losing a piece of yourself with Kyra. It will be very tough for a while to not have her around, but just know that this is the best decision to meet Kyra's needs and she will be appreciative that she doesn't have to be in pain any longer.

  7. I have no idea what losing a pet is like but I can tell you're in loads of pain. I'm thinking about you and I am sorry for your loss. Kyra is a beautiful dog...

  8. So sorry. Sad for your loss.

  9. Oh Melissa, I'm so so sorry. I'm very behind on blog reading and wish I could have left this comment sooner. Our pets are like our children and I know how hard it is to say good-bye. But I also know Kyra loves you and is so thankful that you are doing the right thing for her. I'll keep you in my thoughts.