Friday, May 27, 2011

Strawberry Jam

Do you know how to tell that the growing season is really gearing up and summer is here?  Look in my kitchen and you see my grow shelf, the one that held seedlings a few months ago is now covered in rows of mason jars!  Canning season has started!

To kick off the season, Frances from The Left-Handed Housewife (check out her blog!) came over and we spent the morning making strawberry jam!  I was so excited, not only because of the fun company, but also because this is my first time making strawberry jam.  

Last year I didn't have my canner during strawberry season so I am really excited about having strawberry jam.  Strawberry jam always reminds me of breakfast at my grandparent's farm.  It is my favorite.  We tried a new recipe using apple juice concentrate to make no-sugar added strawberry jam.  This made a wonderful new flavor that I can't wait to delve into!

In other news, I spent two hours this morning weeding the garden, making bread, and playing with the chicks!  Looking forward to a great holiday weekend and catching up on some chores around the house.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Somehow it got past me that Thursday was your first time making strawberry jam, but I guess it makes sense, given you didn't get your canner later in the summer. Well, it's delicious, and I had such a great time. Here's to more canning adventures in the future!


  2. Strawberry!!!