Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whoo hoo!

I've been published!  Well...not exactly...does a letter to the editor count as being published?  At any rate, I am an avid reader of Diabetes Forecast, an American Diabetes Association publication.  They have awesome articles and up-to-date information for folks living with diabetes.

You may remember my recent post regarding the June issue of Diabetes Forecast.  I was so excited when I received this issue....I mean look at the cover....what homesteader/homemaker/gardener/farmer/diabetic wouldn't drool over this issue?

With the main focus on growing your own food, making meals from scratch and even an article on backyard farming...I was beyond excited.  I am an avid believer that my current state of health (which is quite good all things considered) is directly related to our way of life.  So needless to say I was so very excited to see that the "growing your own" concept was catching on in the diabetes community...excited enough to write a letter to the editors of Diabetes Forecast...hence my claim of "being published"!

Two days ago I received my September copy of Diabetes Forecast and low and behold my letter to the editor is right there in the "Mail Call" section...the very FIRST letter!  I literally screamed with excitement!  How thrilling it is to see my name in print, in a magazine that I look forward to reading every month...a magazine that inspires me in so many ways.  This must be what it feels like to win the Nobel Prize....well ok, maybe I am a little too excited!  But...truly most of my enthusiam stems from the hope that my letter and the articles in the magazine will bring awareness and inspire other folks to "grow their own".

 Here is a picture of my letter!  They even included the URL of my blog! 


  1. Melissa, I am so proud of you!!!!! I would be excited if that was my letter too! Great,great news!!!!!!!

  2. I am a direct result of this magazine post. My grandmother gave me her leftover magazine. I decided to peruse it and then throw it away. I couldn't help but get caught by your blog. My husband and I have a dream of owning a small farm. We love gardening, canning, seed saving, holistic medicine, traditional building, etc. We are what most people call weird. Our daughter, Molly, was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 18 months. She is now 4, and everyday is still a struggle. I completely believe that our food plays a huge role in how to manage her sugars. So I am really excited to look at your recipes and canning ideas. It is also great to hear about Type 1 from someone who understands it and can verbalize it to us. We don't know what it is like and we are trying to help Molly understand what she is feeling. Since she has had it before she can remember it is hard for her to know what life is like without it. Anyway. Thanks.