Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homemade Career

I recently read a post from a fellow blogger and homesteader over at Down to Earth.  Her post talked about homemaking.  She calls it the power career.  Ya'll should check out her post when you get a chance, its inspiring and it got me thinking!

Lately I have been struggling with my career path.  Ever since I left teaching after my Type I diabetes diagnosis, I have felt the need to look for a job, a career, someplace I went to work every day and got a paycheck from someone else.  I felt the need to do this because...well isn't this what people do?  For the last two years I have been looking for a job that fits my health needs and my career interests (agriculture, education, and natural science).  This has been a struggle of mine....Why do I have to find a job?  Why do I feel bad about not working and getting a paycheck?

All along, hubby and I kept saying..."there has to be something I can do at home".  The truth of the matter is, when it comes to jobs working at home really fits well for me, allowing me to maintain my health and sanity.  During this time of searching for the perfect job, I started working around the house to keep myself busy.  I started baking, gardening more, we increased our chicken flock and I started researching home based careers.  All this time, I have been looking for a job and now I am beginning to realize I have created one for myself.

I've applied for, interviewed, and been offered a homemade career.  I have accepted a job as a homemaker.  I make bread and bake wholesome foods.  I cook healthy meals for my hubby and me.  I take care of our backyard farm.  I "put-up" food for the winter.  I grow a garden.  I support local agriculture initiatives.  I am a member of the Farm Board in my county.  I volunteer at two local schools in agriculture based programs.  I exercise and take care of myself.  I find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.  I am learning how to be more sustainable and self-sufficient.  My hubby and I live off of less and gain more from our experiences.   

Although I know what I do, and I am confident in my choice to stay at home and create my own career path(s)...I have found that many folks have no concept of why a woman (or man), without children to raise, would CHOOSE to stay at home and not work, who would CHOOSE to have only one income for the family, and who would CHOOSE to turn down perfectly acceptable jobs in today's economy.

It is always hard for folks to understand the choices of others and I don't expect the general public to "get" why I have accepted the job as a homemaker.  But I have chosen this path because this is what makes us happy.  This is what makes our house a home and this is what keeps us healthy.  I have made this choice because I feel this makes our life more meaningful and our experiences more enjoyable.  This is the career I have chosen for the time being.  This is what works.

I am still pursuing opportunities to work in the agriculture community, because this is something I am passionate about.  However, any job I take will most likely be part-time.  Any at home business I create will have to fit into my life as a homemaker.  Sure a little extra cash from me having a job would be nice, but not if it interferes with my ability to manage my responsibilities at home.  Neither hubby or I are willing to sacrifice the joy we get from my homemade career.


  1. That's indeed a very inspirational article. I agree that such homemade career are the best to just kick start your career as this is something that increase the growth of the food that's healthy. There are plenty of techniques you could find out on your own that would work wonders and have better productivity.

  2. Good for you do not quit. You can do this, may I suggest you build a library. It is so important. I've been on my homestead for many years now, not only does it pay for itself but shows a nice profit to, plus I have a home business. You keep going don't quit.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more! In fact, I don't have and children yet I would love to stay home and do more on the farm. I only work part time so it works for now. At least until we get rid of some of our bills. lol