Sunday, April 25, 2010

They grow up so fast....

The new chicks are going into their sixth week and they are growing so fast.  I am so excited that I have had enough free time to spend bonding time with these chicks.  Our adult hens are friendly but just don't care much for us, but the little chicks have definitely bonded to me.  When I walk down to their pen they start chirping and when I open the brooder house, they run in and jump on the ledge to great me.  A few of the Buff Orpingtons love to be cuddled and all of them will eat from my hand.  They are learning and changing so much everyday.  Its fun to watch them "learn" to be chickens.  Today I got to see them test practice their dust bathing and every day they love to stretch their wings and "fly" around.  Although their pen is adjacent to the other chickens, they have not been formally introduced.  I hope in the next two weeks to spend some time introducing the lil' ones to the big ones with hopes of somehow creating a happy flock!

Here are some pictures of the chickies and a link to a video of taking dust baths in the shavings! 

This is what happens every time I open the lid!  The little head you can see is one of the other Buffs, she is sitting on top of the door to check things out!

The Americauna girls...on the left is Ducky (she has duck like markings) and the red head Fiona.

There are four Buff's so they have no names, right now I can't tell them apart!  I figure one of these days I will figure out what to call them!



Me and the "cuddly" Buff Orpington

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  1. Too cute! That Buff looks like it's in love with you. So sweet!