Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grow, Growing, Grown

How many of you have memories of being measured each year on a door frame or closet door?  Each time hoping you were much taller...because all kids know that the taller you are the closer you are to being an adult (if only we knew back then that staying little was a lot more fun!).  And being an adult meant later bed times and more freedom.  I have watched in amazement at how fast my nephews have grown, their marks on the pantry door at my parents house prove just how fast time has flown. 

In my opinion, there is nothing more precious than documenting how your children grow.  So, a few years ago, when a friend had a wee little one, I decided to make her a growth chart to hang on the nursery wall.  Since then, making growth charts have been, by far, one of my favorite craft projects.  I love the idea that these are portable for those inevitable moves and life changes.  But, above all, I love the feeling I get while I work on these charts, all the time thinking of the recipient and how much I hope they love it!  I also love planning the chart and then seeing my vision come to life.  It is so satisfying and smile inducing!

So, I thought since I have been really slack about posting my craft projects lately, I would share my most recent growth chart (and probably one of my favorites!) and a few of the ones I have done in the past. 

For my friend's little girl Dani, a woodland theme!

 (I must admit that the little gnome is absolutely my favorite part!)

For my husband's cousin's little boy Eli...a cowboy theme!


A jungle theme for a little boy, Evan!  (My friend M helped me make this as a gift for one of her friends!)

One of the first charts I made for my friend's little girl Riley

How did your parents keep track of your growth growing up?  Do you do something special for your little ones? 

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