Friday, June 15, 2012

Important Things by Melissa

So today marks 5 years with Type 1 Diabetes.  I could write a long post about my feelings, living with diabetes, how I am living strongly, blah, blah, blah....I am not saying these things are not true or important, I just don't feel like being serious I feel like being funny, and forgetting that diabetes related mishaps awarded me with about 4 hours of sleep last night!  

Lately I have been hooked on watching Demetri Martin on Netflix.  He does this funny sketch called "Good, Bad, Interesting" go here to see a clip of this segment...

So I decided to do some "Good, Bad, Interesting" 
Topic: Diabetes:

Low Blood Sugar
Good: when you want to eat a cupcake
Bad: while driving
Interesting: when it makes your tongue numb

High Blood Sugar
Good: when you really want to exercise
Bad: when you are starving
Interesting: when you just finished running 3 miles or haven't eaten anything, or better yet, when you first wake up in the morning

Door Knobs:
Good: for opening doors
Bad: for pump infusion sites
Interesting: when they break and leave you locked in the bathroom

Good: for injecting insulin
Bad: for stepping on
Interesting: when someone thinks you have a drug problem because of your full sharps container

Insulin Pump
Good: for delivering insulin
Bad: when attempting to wear a dress
Interesting: when someone wants to use it to make a phone call

Good: for living
Bad: when it is hot outside
Interesting: when someone wonders why you smell like band-aids  

Test Strips:
Good: checking your blood sugar
Bad: fighting with the insurance company over how many test strips you "really" need
Interesting:  because used ones end up in the weirdest places and finding one in the fish aquarium is just baffling

Good: because they taste good and provide fuel
Bad: for screwing with blood sugars
Interesting: when they don't come with a label and swagging (guessing the number of carbs in a food) ensues 

Good: for blood sugars and waistlines
Bad: for your couch (it gets lonely)
Interesting: when you have to take everything but the kitchen sink (meter, test strips, glucose tabs, snacks, water, ID, phone, etc) with you to the gym/on a walk/on a jog.

Loved Ones/Family:
Good: supporting you and helping to manage this difficult journey
Bad: when they are the diabetes police
Interesting: because who doesn't have an interesting family member?

Do you have any "Good, Bad Interesting" things to add?

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