Thursday, January 5, 2012

Too many bags

Hubby says I have too many bags.  It's a good thing he was talking about the number of purses and duffel bags I have...otherwise I might have used one of those bags to knock him upside the head.  In his defense, I have been making a lot of bags for myself lately.  Some of this stems from winter boredom and too much time on Pinterest. But the main reason is that I would like to start selling some of my crafts.  I figure I can't sell stuff if I haven't test driven the design.  This is my newest addition to my ever growing stash of purses!

 I needed a bigger bag to carry all of my junk and various diabetes related paraphernalia, so I made this messenger bag.
 My favorite part is the stitching.  I did this with my grandmother's old Kenmore.

 I put books in the bag to take pictures, but it is plenty big enough for all of my gear.
I love the simple outside and the fun vibrant lining, it makes me happy!  Would you buy a bag like this?


  1. I love this bag! I think you could sell it easily. Set up an Etsy shop and see how it goes!

    "Too many bags": That's a dangerous thing for a man to say ...


  2. Yup, I'd buy a bag like that. And I respectfully disagree with your husband. You can never have too many bags. (Or shoes!!)