Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

We just returned home from a Christmas weekend with Hubby's family in Western NC.  We love it up there, and had a wonderful time visiting with his brother and his folks. 

It seems though that lately when we visit in the Winter it snows like crazy.  We had a beautiful white Christmas!  The kind of White Christmas I always wished for as a kid...the kind where we went to bed on Christmas Eve to no snow and not a cloud in the sky and woke up Christmas morning to snow falling.  Snow that didn't stop falling ALL DAY LONG!  All in all by Christmas night there was a little over a foot of snow on the ground!

We headed home on Sunday as snow blanketed the entire state!  Up here in our neck of the woods we only got about 5 inches of snow, a lot for this area but nothing compared to what we had left on Sunday morning.  So we are back home, enjoying the snow.  Hubby has the week off and we are looking forward to relaxing at home, cozy as a bee in a hive...

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