Monday, February 22, 2010


Progress is being made.  Progress by hubby and myself on our small construction projects and progress by Nature in preparing for Spring!


Hubby pulling the fence around the posts



Fence pullin' contraption....nuf' said...


Finished fence, except for gate which will go between those two posts in the right of the picture.


Raised bed in front of chicken pen.  This is strictly for growing veggies for chicken food.  Yes I know they are spoiled...but the eggs they spit out are my food so I want them to eat the best they can get!

After Hubby finished pulling the fence today, we closed up the gate "hole" with extra fencing and put the chickens in the garden space. Mind you, our chickens are not used to be handled, at all.  They are somewhat tolerant when you get ahold of them, but catching them is a different story.  
 I was given the job of catching the hens in their pen and transporting them to the garden space.  This worked well, as their pen space is relatively small, and I only ended up with a small scratch.  Getting the chickens out of the garden and back to their pen, required a towel and lots of running around like a chicken myself!  A sight many would pay to see I'm sure!  
 But the chickens seem to love the new space and we are happy to give it to them until the garden is planted.  Kyra (our Shepard) was not so happy about the chicken transfer.  She doesn't do well with change and she was not sure what to think about the chickens running around in the garden instead of being in their rightful place. 

Check out this link to see a video of happy chickens in the garden!

And last but not least, nature's progress...


My Lenton Rose is blooming after inches of snow and cold weather!  Yay for Winter blooming plants!


Look very, very closely and you will see the little bit of green from an Early Spring Bulb (not sure which ones I planted here!)
Here's to progress!

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