Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scrappy and Bold

 This is Scrappy (named so because she is the smallest, yet most brazen of all our hens).  
 She is one our newest additions, just over 5 months old.  

Scrappy is half the size of our other hens that are the same age.  She is a tiny brown leghorn hen, light weight and quite flighty.  These physical characteristics, along with her boldness, allow her to escape the coop every morning.  She wanders freely around the yard while the other hens helplessly remain in their prison, waiting for us to let them out.

Scrappy waits for no-one.

 This week, Scrappy has decided she likes the view from the top of our wooden fence.  She mostly does this when we are outside, but not in the yard.  She has yet to actually fly over the fence to the outside, she just likes to perch on top and then fly back in to the yard when she is done surveying.

  Today, I was standing in the driveway talking to hubby.  A flutter and a chuckle and there was Scrappy, sitting on the fence eavesdropping on our conversation.  As scrappy as she is and seemingly wary of our presence (no hope of catching this girl!) she doesn't seem to want to miss out on any of the happenings around here.  

She is a sneaky little chick, always creeping up behind you when you least expect it...don't call me surprised when she starts perching on the window sill and peeking in the windows!  

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