Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Latitude and Longitude

Onward with our year of projects...
I saw this post on Pinterest last year and I loved the idea of displaying the latitude and longitude, of a special location, in our home.
This picture originated from this Esty shop.

It seemed pretty easy to make..choose a latitude and longitude, find a piece of wood, get the wooden numbers/letters, glue on, hang up and tada, there you have it!  Right? 

Well, finding the piece of wood proved to be more challenging than I thought.  I started looking last year when I first saw this post, but then got sidetracked and put this project aside.  A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to get this done!  I kept seeing it on my Pinterest board, mocking me!  

There is an awesome ReUse Warehouse (not the Habitat for Humanity one) in our city.  This warehouse specializes in reclaimed barn wood, windows, doors, etc.  A few weeks ago, Hubby and I went and we found the perfect piece of wood, salvaged from an ancient farmhouse. 
I brought it home, cleaned it up and set out to find the numbers.  We decided to use the latitude and longitude of where we got married.  We felt that place was the most special since it marked the beginning of our lives together.  Finding the numbers the right size was really difficult.  The standard numbers at the craft stores were either too big or too small (too hot or too cold, just not right!).
I thought I was going to have to paint the numbers on, until I found this awesome company online called CraftCuts.  They have all different fonts to choose from and you can custom order your sizes.  They were also super helpful with figuring out the right size for the piece of wood I was using.  The numbers came in a few days! 

I painted the numbers, and then used heavy duty wood glue to glue them to the backing piece.  We just hung it up today and I love it! 

 Oh, and sorry for not showing the entire thing, I would like to keep the exact location, shall we say, a mystery, since it is on the property of a relative!

So, one more project down...only a billion or so to go!  But I am so happy to put this on my "done" list.  What latitude and longitude would you choose?

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