Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An army of snowmen

On Wednesday nights I work at a local center in a program for high school juniors.   Tomorrow night is our last session until after the holidays.  I wanted to make something sweet and festive for the kids in the program, so I made these...

The snowmen are made from marshmallows and "glued" to ginger snaps with icing, the hands are pretzel sticks, the face and buttons are icing and the hat is made from two spice drops.  I saw the idea here.  I will have to admit that they were time consuming, constructing each snowman individually was a little tedious.  But nevertheless, I enjoyed it!

Of course, after all that work, who could resist playing "Army of Snowmen"?  Hubby suggested I line them all up for battle...and the foolishness continued from there...
 "Freedom!"  (Hubby thought I should have painted their faces Braveheart style)

Hubby suggested I use "parts" to depict the dead snowmen already lost in the battle, but I decided, in the observance of Christmas Spirit, to just show the stand-off...

then to imagine, they all made up and enjoyed a nice soak in a hot tub full of cocoa...

Are you making any fun treats for the holidays?


  1. Those are just cute! And the "war" is funny!

  2. Too funny!! That sounds like something that would go on at our house.
    I once did 'eyeball' cookies for one of the children's school Halloween party. I hand painted tiny blood vessels on each cookie- talk about a pain. But they were SO worth it.