Monday, July 5, 2010

Just add water...

Hubby and I are pretty active folks and when we were dating and early in our marriage we spent many dates biking, hiking, climbing, challenging complete strangers to arm wrestling competitions....well maybe not so much that last one.  But, since my diagnosis of Type I Diabetes 3 years ago, being active takes a little more planning and a lot more "take the fun out of it" preparations and anxiety on my part.  Although we still continue to be active, we often find that our exercise/activity schedule does not really match up, as exercising takes a lot of planning and a pretty consistent schedule on my part.  

Lately we have struggled with finding something we both enjoy doing together.  This should be easy enough but when you want an activity that does not fit into the category or chores, housework, and tending to the many living things we have around here, and an activity that fits into my ebbs and flows of blood sugar numbers, it gets a little tough.  

So when hubby told me he wanted to get a kayak for fishing I jumped on the chance to remind him how much I enjoyed kayaking in college and I how I thought this might be something we would enjoy doing together.  Boy was I ever right!  The great thing about kayaking is that when hubby is fishing there is a lot of lulling around on the water and I drift along in my boat using as little or as much energy as I want (this works great for my blood sugar monitoring!)  So thanks to Craigslist and a trip to the local boat store here are some pictures of our newly acquired kayaks!  

My (new to me) kayak on the left, Hubby's on the right

Maiden voyage

The view doesn't get much better!

From our trip to the coast this past weekend, Hubby in the marina

Paddling in the marsh

Paddling in the marsh, Hubby caught his first ever Red Drum.  He's been trying for 3 years to catch on on our 15 foot fishing boat, one trip out in the kayak and he bags one!

Up close and personal with wildlife, this is why I love kayaking! 

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  1. I love to kayak! It is one of my favorite excersize and I don't like to excersize. lol