Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hurry up and wait

This is that time of year in NC where I get to hurry up and wait.  The weather is finally warming up and assuming we don't get any late March-early April freezes (we probably will), Spring is creeping on us!  Red blossoms on the Red Maples, Forsythia bushes, and daffodils are blooming everywhere and the mud pit we call our backyard is finally turning green again!

I tilled the garden this morning to get ready for our pending planting of the summer garden...which will happen after our expected last frost of April 21st.  The yard has been clean and most traces of Fall and Winter in the form of sticks, leaves, and dead branches have been removed only to be replaced by the quick growing weeds that are already popping up everywhere.  It seems like everyday I see something new blooming, emerging and gathering it's strength for the pending growing season. 

We have hurried through the last few months, planting seeds indoor, preparing the garden soil, cleaning the yard, spending hours of physical and mental time to prepare for the planting season.  Now we get to wait, a few more weeks is all it will take to mostly guarantee frost free growing for our vegetable garden.

Other exciting Spring related news...we picked up our bee hive a few weeks ago and are getting ready to paint and set up the hive.  We pick up our package of bees on April 10th.  I can't wait to get this new adventure started!  More on that later!

Now...where did I leave my patience.....

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